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EECP or Enhanced external counterpulsation is a non-surgical method of increasing the blood flow to the heart and help it function better naturally. It is, in fact, the only non-invasive treatment for coronary artery diseases, angina and congestive heart failure. EECP therapy greatly reduces the risks of heart failure by reducing or eliminating angina and increasing the energy of the patients. 

At our EECP clinic, we have a team of skilled and experienced therapists who use the best methods to reduce angina and increase the blood flow to the heart. The therapy usually takes place for an hour each day and goes on for a certain period.

EECP is known to be a very efficient and healthy method to keep the heart healthy and increase the overall energy of patients without any side effects whatsoever.

At LyfstyleWellness you get the best in class EECP therapy from certified experts.

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