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Rehabilitation is the cornerstone and a very important part of everything we do here at LyfstyleWellness. We have a strong tradition of providing comprehensive and useful rehabilitation services to children and young adults who are suffering from disorders of the brain, spinal cord and the musculoskeletal system. We offer our patients the care they need in a variety of settings that suites them well.

Rehabilitation at LyfstyleWellness refers to physical medicine and rehabilitation and not substance abuse or criminal rehabilitation. Whether your child needs intensive inpatient rehabilitation or coordinated outpatient therapy or support at home or school, we are here to help our patients in the best ways possible. We strive to help our patients to maximise their recovery potential and have a successful transition back to home, school and community life. There are several varieties of therapeutic services that we use to treat our patients. Our doctors and staff are greatly focused on providing the best service to the patients by satisfying all necessary therapeutic needs.  

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We are here for you anytime, as your health and well being are our biggest priorities.