Lyfstlye Wellness Center

Dr Swapnil Shah established lyfstyle Wellness Center in 2019 to help patients with deadly diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Most doctors will probably suggest you go to angioplasty or bypass surgery when you have heart blockage issues. Some non-surgical treatments can also help you eliminate blockage without surgery and minimise the risk, such as EECP Treatment and Chelation Therapy. We’re one of the top clinics in India to provide both therapies at affordable prices and personal health plans to avoid future issues.

In the same way, if you look at diabetes patients, you will find that they mostly take medicines for years and always live in fear. They don’t know about the proper solution that can help to reduce their dependency on medication and can stay healthy lifelong.

At lyfstyle wellness clinic, we address both issues with the help of a team of experts. We can help you improve your life’s quality and eliminate both deadly diseases. Our clinic meets all-important international and local standards and has the highest cleanliness levels.

Our Doctors

Dr. Swapnil Shah (MD), E.C.F.MG (USA)
Dr. Swapnil Shah (MD), E.C.F.MG (USA)

Dr. Swapnil Shah (MD), E.C.F.MG (USA)

Dr Swapnil Shah has completed his M.D from one of the most reputed medical colleges in Asia, N.H.L. Medical College Ahmedabad. He is in charge of the Lyfstyle Wellness Center as well.


He has a vast hands-on experience in the medical field, treating many heart and diabetic patients. His main concentration is not just to treat the patients but to prevent the disease from happening as much as possible.


He has worked for five years in the USA and has helped improve patients' wellness in many ways. With his guidance and leadership and an equally complete and dedicated team, we can serve people in the best ways possible. He is well known in India for providing non-surgical heart treatments like EECP and Chelation Therapy.

Dr. Krima Shah (BDS)

Dr Krima Shah is a renowned dentist who has worked for more than five years to treat patients with dental issues and performed many complex dental surgeries. She is an expert in endodontics, cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry, and conservation dentistry. After treating thousands of patients, she is an expert at using modern dentistry tools to treat a wide range of patients. She makes sure that her patients get dental care that is "painless".


She uses the latest technology and cutting-edge treatment methods to give our patients the best results and dental care possible.

Dr. Krima Shah
Dr. Krima Shah


Our Mission & Vision

Checklist of Goals


Our Mission at Lyfstyle Wellness Center is to provide the community with affordable, compassionate, high-quality and cost effective medical services to ensure their complete well being. We constantly make efforts and work towards promoting health and healthcare in as many ways as possible besides educating healthcare professionals regularly. Our team also participates in relevant clinical research to help the society on a larger scale and have a greater impact on millions of lives.

Our vision


At Lyfstyle Wellness Center we believe that every individual is different and ergo everybody needs different treatment. We firmly believe in the several benefits that we can provide to a patient with all our resources. Our vision is to reduce the suffering of patients suffering from chronic diseases while giving them medications with minimum side effects. Our goal is to reduce the medications as much as possible and to treat the patients with healthier approaches.

Work Notes


To provide quality healthcare with a caring and dedicated attitude to make the patients feel at home and ensure their overall well-being.