Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes Clinic

Lyfstyle Wellness is one of its kind clinics for the treatment of diabetes and allied disorders located in Ahmedabad. The clinic was opened by the reputed doctor and wellness expert Dr. Swapnil Shah. Our diabetes clinic is committed to delivering world-class care by highly skilled and experienced professionals with minimum possible side-effects. We offer complete care and management of diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

Diabetes Treatment @Lyfstyle Wellness

Lyfstyle Wellness is a complete and comprehensive Diabetes care clinic located at the centre of the town and equipped with all the latest facilities for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes and all the complications related to it. With the persistence and expertise of our doctors, we have been able to expand the centre and also engage in research facilities.

At Lyfstyle Wellness, we have a beautiful platform offering you the best facilities in town following the International Diabetes Guidelines. With great infrastructure, we welcome you to visit the one-stop solution for your complete diabetes management at affordable costs. It is the ideal destination for both Indian and Foreign patients.

Affordable Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) Therapy Heart Treatment Clinic – Lyfstyle Wellness Center

Lyfstyle Wellness Center is one of the renowned EECP therapy centers in Ahmedabad dedicated to personalized attention and cares for each one of our patients. We are on a mission to support and care for cardiovascular patients and improve their health and lifestyle and thereby improve the quality of their life.

EECP or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is a non-surgical method of increasing the blood flow to the heart and help it function better naturally. It is, in fact, the only non-invasive treatment for coronary artery diseases, angina and congestive heart failure. 

Doctors in our EECP hospital in Ahmedabad administer EECP therapy as a result of the definite advantages. The top benefits of the treatment are:

    Increases Blood Flow
    Increases Oxygen Supply to the Heart
    Reduces Angina Symptoms
    It will encourage blood vessels to open small channels for blood flow and will turn out to be an EECP natural bypass in Ahmedabad
    It will also improve electrocardiogram response to exercise

Why Lyfstyle Wellness

Team of Skilled and Experienced Therapist
Best Methods to Reduce Angina & Increase the Blood Flow

Dedicated One Hour Each Day
Best In Class EECP Therapy from Certified Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions On Diabetes Treatment In Ahmedabad

When our body is unable to properly use and store glucose, the disease is referred as diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus). Glucose comes back in the bloodstream and hence the person’s blood glucose (commonly called as blood sugar) levels shoot up high.

People with diabetes, often experience symptoms like Frequent Urination, Unexpected Weight Loss, Increased Thirst, Excessive Fatigue, Weight Gain, Slow Healing, Excess Sleep, Blurred Vision, Increased Hunger, Irritability etc.

Over Weight, Lack of Exercise, Unhealthy Eating, Family History, Smoking, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Levels are some common risk factors for Diabetes.

It is deemed normal to have a fasting plasma blood glucose level of 99mg/dL or less. When a person's fasting plasma blood glucose level is between 100 and 125 mg/dL, they are said to have impaired fasting glucose (IFG). If the doctor feeds this person glucose and their blood glucose levels are in the range of 140-199 mg/dL after 2 hours, they are said to have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).

You should get checked if you are overweight, over 45 years old, or under 45 years old, overweight, and have one or more of the risk factors listed below —
1. If you live a physically inactive lifestyle,
2. If you have previously been diagnosed with impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT)
3 If you have a history of diabetes in your family; 
4. If you have high blood pressure.
5. If your HDL (good) cholesterol level is 35mg/dL or less, and/or your triglyceride level is 250mg/dL or more, 
6. If you've had vascular disease in the past.

Diabetes, being a chronic illness, necessitates ongoing care. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, medications, and blood sugar monitoring help to keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible. Diabetes that is poorly treated or unmanaged can result in a variety of long-term consequences, including

a. heart attacks

b. strokes

c. kidney failure (nephropathy)

d. blindness (Diabetic Retinopathy)

e. Damage to blood vessels

f. Damage to nerves (Diabetic Neuropathy)

g. Amputations due to wounds and ulcers

h. Male impotence

Lyfstyle Wellness Center boast of the service of some of the best diabetes specialist Ahmedabad. We are the most preferred diabetic clinic for thousands of diabetic patients for the last 15 years. We are specialized in the support and management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in all age groups.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition, but it can be controlled and all patients can lead a healthy life without any complications. We have the best diabetologist in Ahmedabad to care about your health and well-being.

We provide the most comprehensive diabetic care in Ahmedabad. Our treatments are tailored to suit individual requirements. Our vision is to provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic excellence with the services of a diabetes specialist doctor in Ahmedabad, specialist nurses and dieticians. We have state of the art facilities and labs to check and monitor blood sugar on a timely basis. Along with excellent methods of controlling diabetics, we are also specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic complications such as eye problems, heart diseases, sexual dysfunctions, nerve damage and renal issues.

Being a reputed diabetes clinic in Ahmedabad, we are highly passionate about improving diabetes control. We administer wireless advanced technology to control diabetes and prevent complications. The multidisciplinary team approach of our diabetes clinic in Ahmedabad will take care of the physical and psychological aspects connected to type 1 and 2 diabetes in adults and children.

You can take an appointment with us for a complete health checkup in Ahmedabad. Our health check-up packages are comprehensive and provide attention to detail. Our health checkup packages are specially designed to prevent, diagnose and monitor all types of health issues as best as possible. We wish you and your family good health at all times.


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