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EECP, or Enhanced external counterpulsation, is a non-surgical method of increasing the blood flow to the heart and helping it function better naturally. It is, in fact, the only non-invasive treatment for coronary artery diseases, angina and congestive heart failure.

Our EECP clinic has a team of skilled and experienced therapists who use the best methods to reduce angina and increase the blood flow to the heart. The therapy usually takes an hour each day and lasts for a certain period.

At Lyfstyle Wellness, you get the best-in-class EECP therapy from certified experts.

Advantages of EECP therapy compared to heart surgery

No Pain
no surgery
No Surgery & Cuts
No hospitalisation
No Hospitalisation
No Infection
No Infection
no side effects
No Side Effects
Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Superiority of EECP Treatment

  • EECP treatment covers the wellbeing of the whole heart and unlike surgery, it is not a 'localized' procedure. Thus, the overall benefits are higher.
  • There is no hospitalization, as the procedure is an outpatient procedure.
  • There is no risk of infection as the procedure is non-invasive.
  • There is no bleeding or risk of blood clots and no time to heal.
  • There is no anesthesia administered for EECP procedures. ECP/EECP treatment is completely painless.
  • EECP therapy has no adverse side effects and no risk of complications. In EECP, as it is an external process done by mechanical means.
  • There is no need to take any additional or separate medications for EECP treatment.
  • The benefits of EECP therapy are scientifically proven and well documented around the world.
  • Promising similar relief, EECP procedures are more cost-effective and safer than normal operations.

Stress Test

Individuals will complete a stress test before starting EECP treatment.  This will establish their exercise capacity and provide final approval to start treatment.  More importantly, it will identify the severity, frequency, and duration of chest pain with exercise.

After completing 40 treatment sessions, there will be another stress test measuring similar values.  The two stress tests will be compared, which will indicate chest pain and any changes in exercise capacity.


Orientation is designed to give a person a chance to experience what the treatment will be like.  There will be an orientation to the room, a complete explanation of the treatment sessions, education about the treatment process, and a 15-minute trial of the ECP machine in operation. 

Any questions about treatment will also be addressed at this time.  The first official healing session will begin the next day at a fixed time.

Coming may be with trouble, Going is with sure happiness

With Lyfstyle Wellness EECP Treatment Service, not only gives each patient a personalized feel, but also creates an agenda activity sequence for his upcoming activities, which eliminates his coming sorrows, troubles to a great extent.

What is EECP treatment?

EECP also known as natural bypass therapy is U.S FDA approved nonsurgical treatment for heart patients with angina, chest pain and heart failure.   

How dos EECP treatment works.

EECP improves collators circulation of heart so heart works better.

Does EECP improve ejection faction ?

Many patient's with low EF ( Ejection faction ) so markedly improvement in EF after EECP therapy.   

What are the side effects of EECP treatment ?
EECP promotes collateral development and improve myocardial perfusion.
What is the success rate of EECP treatment ?

EECP success rate is 95% or more.

How dose EECP treatment work?

It applies pressure to blood vessels in lower limbs which increases blood flow back to heart so the heart works better.

Can EECP replace a bypass surgery ?

Significant number of patients are not fit for either CABG or revascularization. EECP can prove to be an effective alternative.

Why is there a need for another treatment a part form bypass and angioplasty?

As significant no of patients are not fit for invasive procedures like bypass surgery.

What is collateral circulation ?

Network of specialized endogenous bypass vessels that protects from ischemic stroke, coronary atherosclerosis and PAD.

Is EECP approved in india?

G.O.NO.174 has approved the EECP treatment.

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