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Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) treatment is chest pain therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It treats long-term chest pain or pressure, also known as angina, that doesn’t respond to other treatments. It works by applying pressure to the lower limbs to enhance blood flow in those who have long-term heart disease symptoms, including chest pain and pressure. Due to its various underlying characteristics, it is also well-known as an Alternative to Bypass Surgery.

Furthermore, It holds promise in reducing reliance on medication and boosting physical endurance without symptom exacerbation or surgical intervention, thus also called Natural Bypass Therapy. At Lyfstyle Wellness, we have experts who can evaluate eligibility for EECP treatment. You will receive the best EECP Treatment in Ahmedabad. Before understanding that, read the conditions where this treatment can be implemented.

Conditions Requiring EECP Treatment

EECP has shown promise in managing various cardiac ailments, including angina, heart failure, and refractory hypertension. Understanding the conditions that benefit from EECP treatment is crucial for patients and healthcare providers seeking alternative approaches to cardiovascular care.

The doctors at Lyfstyte Hospital have been well-trained to deal with this Alternative to Bypass Surgery, and they play a significant role in providing the best EECP Therapy in Ahmedabad.

Our Guidance of "Stress Test"

Our stress test is a quick medical check to see how well your heart works during exercise. It helps EECP Doctors in India detect various kinds of heart problems.

Initial Assessment

Before starting the treatment, patients will do a Stress Test. This test checks how much exercise they can handle and how their chest feels during exercise.

Approval for Treatment

The stress test helps decide if it’s safe to start EECP treatment. It shows how severe chest pain is during exercise.

Mid-Treatment Check

After a few treatment sessions, patients do another stress test. This test is like the first one. We compare the two tests to see if there are any changes in chest pain or exercise ability. 

If you wish to avail the service mentioned above, do not hesitate to consult our expert doctor at Lyfstyle Hospital, they carry expertise in EECP Heart Treatment or Natural Bypass Therapy.

Our EECP Orientation Session

Orientation is a session designed to help individuals understand what their treatment will involve. It includes an introduction to the treatment room, an explanation of the treatment process, education about how the treatment works, a short trial of the treatment machine, and an opportunity to ask questions related to the effectiveness of this therapy, or the comparison of EECP Treatment Cost in India and what we provide.

Our Alternative to Bypass Surgery, excellently conducted at Lyfstyle Hospital, is the most affordable. Reach out to us and schedule a consultation to know our EECP Treatment Cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

An Optimistic Outlook with EECP Therapy

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) therapy provides a ray of hope for individuals experiencing persistent angina (Chest Pain). Unlike surgery, EECP is a gentle outpatient procedure, avoiding invasiveness and the need for overnight hospitalisation.

This improved circulation can lead to several benefits, including:

Your Health Journey is Our Top Priority

Lyfstyle Wellness, the EECP Center in India, introduced EECP treatment as an innovative remedy for heart blockage. Our team, along with the guidance of Dr Swapnil Shah, is dedicated to providing solutions to patients with a gentle and remarkably effective alternative to conventional approaches. With the Integration of advanced technology and specialised care, we guarantee each patient receives the highest standard of EECP Treatment in Ahmedabad for cardiovascular well-being. 

Start feeling better today! Get an appointment with us!

Coming may be with trouble, Going is with sure happiness

With Lyfstyle Wellness EECP Treatment Service, not only gives each patient a personalized feel, but also creates an agenda activity sequence for his upcoming activities, which eliminates his coming sorrows, troubles to a great extent.

What is EECP treatment?

EECP also known as natural bypass therapy is U.S FDA approved nonsurgical treatment for heart patients with angina, chest pain and heart failure.   

How dos EECP treatment works.

EECP improves collators circulation of heart so heart works better.

Does EECP improve ejection faction ?

Many patient's with low EF ( Ejection faction ) so markedly improvement in EF after EECP therapy.   

What are the side effects of EECP treatment ?
EECP promotes collateral development and improve myocardial perfusion.
What is the success rate of EECP treatment ?

EECP success rate is 95% or more.

How dose EECP treatment work?

It applies pressure to blood vessels in lower limbs which increases blood flow back to heart so the heart works better.

Can EECP replace a bypass surgery ?

Significant number of patients are not fit for either CABG or revascularization. EECP can prove to be an effective alternative.

Why is there a need for another treatment a part form bypass and angioplasty?

As significant no of patients are not fit for invasive procedures like bypass surgery.

What is collateral circulation ?

Network of specialized endogenous bypass vessels that protects from ischemic stroke, coronary atherosclerosis and PAD.

Is EECP approved in india?

G.O.NO.174 has approved the EECP treatment.

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