Obesity Clinic

Obesity Clinic

At our Obesity clinic we take complete care of obesity and all its related problems using ways with zero to minimum side effects. Our quality is the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

Obesity Clinic – Lyfstyle Wellness Center

The Obesity treatment program here at Lyfstyle Wellness Center aims to align the body type of an individual and the health with his or her expectations and achieve the desired results in the best and most comfortable way with causing any harm to oneself.

We understand that obesity could be a sensitive issue and many patients might feel insecure about their body type and problems. Here, our team of expert doctors and medical professionals are completely in sync with our endeavour to provide our patients with a sense of privacy and confidentiality by maintaining trust in the highest regard. Our team has the unwavering resolve to provide outstanding services executed professionally. Visit us to know more and bid goodbye to obesity and its related complications.

Frequently Asked Questions On Obesity Treatment In Ahmedabad

Obesity is on the rise today as a result of our convenient and unhealthy lifestyle. Rapid urbanisation appears to be the source of the issue ( encouraging fast food culture which are usually energy dense and also a sedentary life style). According to estimations, the occurrence in our society could be as high as 50%.

Obese people are more likely to have lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and abnormal cholesterol levels. These factors add up to a higher risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease ( angina, heart attacks, heart failure)

Obesity can occur for a variety of reasons. The main causes are: a) genetic/familial b) a mismatch between caloric intake (increased food consumption) and calories burned ( less of physical activity and exercise). Obesity can be caused by hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism and Cushing's Syndrome. Certain medications (primarily used in psychiatric and diabetes control) can cause obesity.

Being overweight or obese are both terms for having more body fat than what is considered healthy. Both are used to identify people who are at risk for health problems from having too much body fat. However, the term "obese" generally means a much higher amount of body fat than "overweight."

Healthy eating habits, frequent physical activity, and reduced sedentary behaviour are the most significant techniques for reducing obesity (such as watching television and videotapes, and playing computer games).

The best Obesity Treatment Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is Lyfstyle Wellness Obesity Treatment. Lyfstyle Wellness Obesity Treatment Center is the best Obesity Treatment Center in Ahmedabad, offering complete privacy and confidentiality by maintaining trust in the highest regards.

Lyftyle Wellness is the best Obesity Treatment Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a proven track record of success in helping Heart Patients. Dr. Swapnil Shah (M.D) at Lyfstyle Wellness has successfully treated heart patients to achieve their normal life with the help of latest technology.

It is dependent on the sort of physique an obese patient has, as well as the patient's overall health, including disease. Book an Appointment with us now Visit Lyfstyle Wellness Center to get advise from the certified experts.

Yes, Best Obesity treatment cost is offered at Lyfstyle Wellness Center. Visit us to know more.


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